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Viewing Tax Forms Online

View your tax forms online by logging into online account access and selecting the Statements & Tax Forms tab. If this is the first time you are logging into your account, you may establish a User Name and Password here.

Tax forms will be available online for up to seven years (starting with 2011 tax forms).

Shareholder Information Tax Guide

The 2018 Shareholder Tax Information Guide contains the following information to assist you with your federal and state income tax returns:

  • Additional Tax Information contains a chart to use with Forms 1099-DIV and 1099-B that includes:
    • Percent of qualified dividend income
    • Percent of ordinary dividends that is foreign source income
    • Percent of ordinary dividends from U.S. government obligations
  • Tax Form Q&A: Information that may be helpful to you for reporting mutual fund transactions. This Q&A explains the tax forms we send to you, and provides details about what is being reported and how it applies to your tax return.
  • Foreign Income and Taxes Paid: Instructions on how to claim a foreign tax credit or take an itemized deduction on your federal income tax return for your share of foreign taxes paid by the Funds.

Shareholders who must file Form 1116 are not required to report income passed through from a mutual fund on a country-by-country basis. See the Specific Instructions Part I of Form 1116 for more details.

Tax Form Mailing Schedule

Tax Form Description Final Mail Date/Available By
1099-DIV Reports dividends, capital gains distributions, federal income tax withheld, and foreign tax paid. January 31
1099-R Reports distributions from IRAs. January 31
1099-Q Reports distributions from Education Savings Accounts (ESAs). January 31
1099-B Reports the proceeds from sales transactions.  For shares purchased after January 1, 2012, reports the gain or loss on the sale. February 15
1042-S Reports foreign person's U.S. source income subject to withholding. March 15
5498-ESA Reports ESA contributions and rollover contributions. April 30
5498 Reports IRA contributions, rollover contributions, conversions and recharacterizations May 31


Tax Form FAQ

Why did I receive Form 1099-DIV?
The Oakmark Fund in which you invest paid a distribution (dividends and/or capital gains) greater than $10.  Whether you take distributions in cash or reinvest them, they are still subject to tax in the year they occur.

Why didn't I receive Form 1099-DIV?
You may not have received Form 1099-DIV because:

  • Oakmark is not required to report dividends and capital gains distributions that are less than $10 for a Fund account. However, you are responsible for including this amount on your income tax return.  Your year-end statement will show the amount of dividends and capital gains that were paid to you.
  • The Fund you invested in did not pay a distribution during the calendar year.  Please see Current Year Distributions below to determine if your Fund paid a distribution.
  • The tax status on your account may be listed as "exempt"  Certain account types, including corporations, charitable organizations, IRAs, and pension/profit-sharing plans, may be exempt from reporting.

How do I read my Form 1099-B?
Form 1099-B now provides your cost basis for redemptions of Oakmark shares purchased on or after January 1, 2012.

Why didn't I receive Form 1099-B?
Form 1099-B may not have been produced because:

  • You did not make a redemption or exchange during the calendar year.
  • Redemptions and exchanges from the Oakmark Units Financial Square Treasury Solutions Fund (money market fund) are not reported.
  • The tax status on your account may be listed as "exempt."  Certain account types, including corporations, charitable organizations, IRAs, and pension/profit-sharing plans, may be exempt from reporting.

Why didn't I receive Form 1099-R?
You may not have received Form 1099-R because:

  • You did not redeem from your IRA during the prior tax year.
  • You may have made a non-reportable direct transfer of assets between two IRA custodians/trustees.
  • Oakmark is not required to report distributions that are under $10.00 with no federal tax withheld.

Why didn't I receive Form 5498 or 5498-ESA?
You made no contributions to your IRA or Coverdell Education Savings Account (ESA) for the prior tax year.

Why did I receive a Form 1099-R when I rolled my distribution to an IRA within the 60-day limit?
Although a direct rollover within the 60-day limit does not generally trigger a taxable event, Oakmark is required to report it to the IRS.  However, direct transfers between custodians involving the same type of IRA are generally not reportable on Form 1099-R.

Please check your account history and statements online to determine if you should receive a tax form. Oakmark Investor Service Representatives are available for your questions; however, they cannot provide tax advice.

The above information should not be considered tax advice. Please consult your tax advisor for detailed information applicable to your unique situation.

Tax Preparation and Reporting

Whether you prepare your taxes online or you use tax preparation software, use TurboTax® or H&R Block® Tax Software to make your tax preparation easier by downloading your Oakmark Funds tax information directly.

If you have an active Oakmark User ID and Password, simply start your online return and when prompted, enter your User ID and Password to import your Oakmark year-end tax form information.

If you have not yet established a User ID and Password, you must do so prior to initiating the software or online program. Simply follow our instructions to Create a User ID and Password.


2019 Projected Distribution Dates

Record Date: Wednesday, December 11, 2019
Ex-Dividend Date: Thursday, December 12, 2019

These dates may change without prior notice. The dates, types and amounts (both estimated and actual) of the distributions will be communicated at a later date.
Historical Distribution Information

The Board of Trustees of the Oakmark Funds declared the following distributions for 2018:


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Cash Payment date:  12/14/2018
Confirmation/post date:  12/14/2018

Distribution Basics

Generally, Oakmark declares distributions annually. These distributions include income and/or capital gains (short and/or long-term):

Income Dividends
Mutual funds earn dividends, interest, and other investment income on the securities in which they invest. A fund subtracts its expenses from this investment income, and it distributes the remainder to its shareholders as income dividend.

Capital Gains
When a fund makes a profit from selling securities, it passes that profit on to shareholders as capital gains. Capital gains can be classified as short term or long term.

Short-Term Capital Gains occur from selling shares that have been held by the Fund for one year or less.

Long-Term Capital Gains occur from selling shares that have been held by the Fund for more than a year.

For funds that invest in foreign securities, there may also be an amount for Foreign Tax Credit. Mutual funds are allowed to pass taxes paid to foreign governments through to their shareholders.

The following are important dates in the distribution process:

  • Record Date: If you own shares in the Fund on this day, you will receive the distribution. The total distribution is determined by the number of shares held on the Record Date multiplied by the distribution dollar amount per share.
  • Ex-Dividend Date: Distributions are made from the Fund on this day. In turn, the Fund's share price drops by the amount of the distribution (plus or minus daily market activity).
  • Reinvestment Date: For those who elect to reinvest distributions, additional shares are purchased on this day. The number of shares purchased equals the total distribution proceeds divided by the Fund's share price on the Ex-Dividend Date. 
  • Cash Payment Date: A cash distribution will be made on this date to shareholders who choose not to reinvest distributions.
  • Confirmation /post Date: Actual distributions are posted to your account on the next day the Funds are open after the Ex-Dividend date.

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